Workshops & Talks

Making an impression has never been more important than in today’s world. The competition is fierce. It’s international. It’s local. It’s dynamic and young. And plentiful.

So how do YOU get your voice heard in this mass market of talent and ambition.

How you present yourself makes the difference. Personally presenting yourself or digitally presenting yourself. That is what makes the difference.

At my training you learn to find your unique voice. Together we explore the spectrum of storytelling and presentation until we find one that suits you best. And you also take away skills that help you to evolve your style as you evolve as a person and …(needs something here)

Workshops – Business Storytelling

Public Speaking [the IPS series] and Business Storytelling [the IBS series] in the following formats:

  • 90 minutes talk/workshop
  • half day workshops 4 hours
  • weekend workshops 2 x 6 hours

For people wanting to work intensively on particular individual texts / presentations there is the possibility of a 4 evenings (4x120mins.) + one full day format.

The workshops provide insights on fine-tuning presentation skills & on honing storytelling abilities. They also guide you through skills that help you inspire and motivate an audience. Additionally the range of your vocal variety and body language will be explored and enhanced.

All workshops can also be designed to meet your individual needs with a greater amount of interaction and individualisation in the longer formats.

Workshops – Public Speaking


Intercultural understanding – through the medium of stories

In today’s world almost all work-places are made up of people from different cultures and nationalities. Which makes for a pot of miscommunication and misunderstanding. And with time, companies and people have realised that it is not sufficient to be only aware of the rules and behaviours of the various cultures. In most cases it is also important to be aware of the deep-seated values, rituals and mental processes that govern the various cultures. This keynote address explores the various parameters, using the basis of stories, that are popular in the various cultures.