…….is a Business Entrepreneur:
He’s opened 2 companies in India – a software development and data processing firm & a marketing company

…….is a Social Entrepreneur:
He’s opened and/or advised a number of schools in India for socially and economically deprived children

…….is a Cultural Entrepreneur:
He’s a founding member of The Storyteller’s Night
………..a founding member of the Comedy Club Munich
………..the founder of MunichMensch – a portal that records and shares true human interest stories of people living and/or working in the city of Munich, Germany. It’s purpose is to show the diversity in today’s modern cities and to build connection and understanding between peoples of different cultures and nations.

…….is a Speaker, Storyteller and an explorer/analyst of Inter-Cultural understanding through stories:

His life’s ‘controlling idea’:
To facilitate the process whereby people can attain and express their full potential.

I was born in New Delhi, India in the last century. My father being a diplomat with the Indian Foreign Service, I left India at the ripe old age of 3 months to cross the seas to Nairobi, Kenya. From there I started my travels across the world and lived, studied, worked or visited many countries. To name a few: Italy, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Australia, Laos, Germany and many others. An alumni of St. Stephen College, Delhi, India, I went on to become a software developer and analyst and started my own companies. In the early 90’s I left it all to start a school for poor children in a trouble torn region of Assam, India. I went on to help start, lead or advice on the establishment of more schools and vocational training centres for street & slum children in Bangalore, India and work as an external consultant for UNICEF(ROSA) on their project – ‘Women’s right to Life and Health.’ The project covered 6 countries in South-East Asia. I have been living in Munich, Germany, since 2004 and have worked with mentally challenged people, as well as a trainer, coach and counselor for numerous groups and individuals.