Naomi Susan Isaacs,

Life Coach, Author, Jazz Singer

“Kumar’s unique combination of humour and compassion, coupled with his charismatic stage presence, make every story he tells come to life. While allowing us to experience the ups and downs of his own life, he simultaneously enables us to see ourselves, always conveying the message that it’s alright to be who you are.”


Bernie Martin

University lecturer and Author of 9 published books

“I met Kumar about four years ago and was impressed with his natural story-telling ability and the confidence with which he delivered it. Two years later we organised a Story-Telling Workshop together, which was a big success and confirmed my suspicion that Kumar is also a very charismatic and talented teacher. I can highly recommend him and I am very confident that you will be well satisfied.”

Christopher Magyar

Language Teacher, Communication Trainer

“In the eight years that I have known Kumar Barua, he has impressed me as both a dynamic speaker and a consummate storyteller. He has the actor’s strut and the dancer’s grace. Enveloping all of this is a gentle, cultivated voice that enchants his listeners.”


Karin Wedra

Storytelling & Online-Kommunikation expertin

“Kumar ist ein Kollege mit dem ich gerne zusammenarbeite. Ich kenne ihn als offenen und international versierten Menschen, der empathisch auf jedermann zugeht. Sein umfangreiches Know How im Bereich Storytelling verknüpft er wie selbstverständlich mit Business-Themen. Dabei findet man hinter seinem sympathisch indischem Lächeln einen tiefgründigen Coach und Berater.”

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